10 Apps to Boost Productivity

Por Vanessa Gomes

Publicado em 22/05/2023 15:45

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10 Apps to Boost Productivity

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It may be tempting to assume that an eight-hour workday translates to eight hours of productivity, but unfortunately, that is not always the reality. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American worker, who puts in 8.8 hours per day, is actually productive for only about two hours and 53 minutes on average. One of the primary culprits responsible for this productivity gap is the prevalence of social media and news websites, which tend to distract individuals from achieving a full day’s work.

If you’re eager to reclaim your workday and increase your efficiency, there are numerous mobile and web applications available to assist you. These apps, both free and paid, can help you stay organized, manage projects, and minimize distractions, allowing you to focus on getting things done.


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Here are 10 productivity apps that can help enhance your efficiency:

  1. RescueTime Price: Starting at $6.50 per month

RescueTime is a time tracking and distraction-blocking software available for download on computers and mobile devices. It monitors your app usage, website visits, and document engagement, providing you with insightful reports on your work habits. It also offers the ability to block distracting websites, either on a schedule or manually, to help you maintain focus.

  1. Evernote Price: Free

Evernote is a free note-taking app that allows you to consolidate all your notes in one place. It offers synchronization across multiple devices, enabling you to create to-do lists, manage projects, track deadlines, and more. With Evernote, you can personalize your notes by including web clippings, voice memos, images, handwriting, and various other media formats.

  1. Due Price: $6.99

Available for iOS devices, Due is a customizable task management app. It enables you to set reminders for tasks of any size and ensures you stay on top of them. Due provides persistent reminders for overdue tasks until you mark them as complete or reschedule. You can also sync Due with iCloud or Dropbox to access your reminders across all your devices.

  1. Stayfocusd Price: Free

For desktop and laptop users, Stayfocusd is a free browser extension for Google Chrome. This extension blocks distracting websites completely, helping you avoid time-wasting activities. Stayfocusd allows you to set timers and customize the days when you want it to be fully active, giving you the opportunity to kickstart productivity and maintain focus. Installing Stayfocusd is a simple process through the Google Chrome browser.

  1. Be Focused Price: Free

Be Focused is a work interval app that encourages you to break your day into smaller, focused segments. Rather than working continuously, you can use this app to set timers for work intervals followed by short and long breaks. This approach allows you to pace yourself, rest regularly, and ensure you return to work during the next work duration.


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  1. Todoist Price: Free

If you enjoy color-coded calendars, Todoist is the app for you. It serves as a virtual calendar where you can offload tasks and reminders. Todoist offers features like Todoist Karma, which awards points for completing tasks and maintaining streaks. You can prioritize tasks, create recurring reminders, and track your productivity with visual graphics throughout the week.

  1. Just Press Record Price: $4.99

Just Press Record eliminates the need for manual transcription by providing a built-in transcription feature. This app allows you to record audio notes and converts them into text instantly. It supports transcription in multiple languages and includes a search function to easily find specific terms within recordings.

  1. Trello Price: Free

Trello is a highly customizable platform for creating to-do lists. With Trello, you can create visually appealing lists that include details, comments, attachments, and due dates using Trello cards. It offers a straightforward workflow system where you can move tasks as needed. Flip cards for additional task details, transfer tasks to the “done” folder, and utilize its intuitive features to assist with various task-related activities.

  1. Forest Price: $1.99

Forest provides an interactive way to stay focused on your tasks. When you need to work without distractions, you can “plant” a virtual tree in the app. The tree grows as you keep the app open and concentrate on your work. Completing tasks results in a lush forest that visually represents your progress. However, if you leave the app before completing a task, your tree will wither. Forest allows users to spend virtual coins earned through productivity on planting real trees worldwide, adding an element of environmental contribution to the app.

  1. Habitica Price: Free

Habitica turns productivity into a gamified experience. With over four million users, this app allows you to set goals and track your progress by transforming real-life achievements into a game. You earn in-game rewards to level up and unlock fun features, or face punishments that motivate you to stay on track and accomplish your goals.

These 10 productivity apps offer a range of features and functionalities to help you optimize your workday, stay organized, and minimize distractions. Whether you need time tracking, note-taking, task management, or focus enhancement, these apps can assist you in boosting your productivity and achieving your goals efficiently.